Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of top most important to us and we believe you should know how we treat the information we collect from you on this website. We ("Yukti Solutions Private Limited","Yukti Solutions" or "We") explain here what exactly happens to the information we collect through our interaction with you on this website. It also covers and applies to all of our sub-domains of this website.

This is How Your Information is Collected

Although you may visit this website without providing any personally identifiable information, yet Google Analytics or other scripts used on this website may collect some generic information about you, which includes your IP Address, Location, Operating System, User Agent (Browser), Device Information, Screen Resolution and Language settings etc.

However, at some location you provide us your information through forms like Contact Us, Partners etc.

This is How Your Information is Used

The information collected with the help of analytical scripts are used for analyzing server and website performance, marketing campaign effectiveness, number of visits, average time spent on this website, pages viewed and similar data. It helps us analyze the effectiveness of our solutions and demand of our services in general. However, such information is not used for personally identifying the users of this website.

The information collected through different entry forms (Contact us, Partners etc.) are collected in a secure manner (using best SSL protection) and kept secure and accessible only by the authorized people in the organization and is used solely for the purpose of contacting you regarding our services and promotional offers. Providing these information is up to you and you may also contact us at for the removal of your data entirely from our website or database.

Cookies Policy

This website uses "cookies" (a form of a text file stored on your computer through your browser) in order to identify multiple visits by the same user, giving personalized user experience on this website and also for generating analytics data. However, none of the information stored in the cookies by this website can be used to harm your computer or collect sensitive information about you. If you are not comfortable about storing such information on your computer through the use of cookies, please do not use this website and clear your browser's browsing history.