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Application Development

Learn more about how our application development services can help you within your business process.

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Project Management

Let us help you in managing your project timelines, development teams and execution of project tasks.

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Outsource Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We help you release ready for production applications by finding major issues during development.

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Outsource Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation

When written properly - a technical documentation help you maintain your applications for longer.

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Application Development

Application development outsourcing is particularly useful when you want a complete technological transformation of your business operations.

At Yukti Solutions, we work with our clients towards the achievement of their business objectives and guide them throughout their technology transformation process. With a strong knowledge base and experience gained in application development for several industries, our development team has proven to be a game changer for our clients' businesses.

We support our clients right from the business analysis to application development, deployment, training and support. All the communication is done within the convenient business hours of our clients.

Moreover, consultation is free and without any obligation.

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Outsource Application Development

What makes us different.

Experienced Project Managers

The project management and work coordination is done by our experienced project managers and solution architects, who will suggest and implement the best development practices suitable for your projects.

Dedicated Development Teams

Dedicated development teams are particularly trained for the technologies required by the project and they work dedicatedly only on your projects. This helps them gain the required level of expertise and understanding on your project from every perspective.

Shadow Staffing

Whatever work environment policies you may have, employee turn over is an unavoidable fact. Therefore, in order to safeguard your projects, the core team is backed by shadow staff to manage the risk of employee turnover.

Quality Assurance

Development team is supported by QA team to make sure the application is developed as per the specifications and has required level of User Experience (UX) and stability norms implemented.

Documentation & Knowledge Base

We document and maintain the technical documentation of your application, retained and built industry knowledge and all the know-hows are kept confidential.

Outsourcing Application Development Features

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Project Management

Project Management is a critical role that involves knowledge building and distribution, work coordination, team management, timely execution, status updates to the stakeholders, and, ultimately, the overall success of the project.

Any negligence in project management activities may result in delays in planned releases, poor execution of the identified tasks, and sometimes (or frequently) leads to over-budgeting on the project. Project management on a technology project not only requires general managerial skills, but also demands a certain level of technical expertise in the domain.

Project Managers at Yukti Solutions are the people with several years of hands-on experience on technical projects with proven expertise in team-handling and project execution.

Let us help you towards to success of your project.

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Quality Assurance

The old adage “It fails when you need it the most” certainly speaks to the lack of quality assurance during the development of an application.

While it is true that development teams put their best efforts toward making their products error free, many development engineers often ignore small details that can wreak serious havoc during production. As a result, the solution becomes bloated, and not all scenarios are checked with each iteration.

The Quality Assurance (QA) team at Yukti Solutions plays a vital role in such a scenario, ensuring that your application runs as expected or has the required fault tolerance. Our Quality Assurance team works independently without being influenced by the development team’s claims of stability. The Quality Assurance process at Yukti Solution has the following activities:

  • Test Plans and Test Case Development
  • Unit Testing and Scripted Test Scenario Building
  • Load and Regression Testing
  • Security Checks against SQL Injection and XSS Attacks
  • Manual as well as Automated Testing

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Outsourcing Quality Assurance Services

Technical Documentation

Building a knowledge base and technical documentation of the solution you have developed helps in long term stability and maintainablity of your solution.

Technical documentation not only helps to match the developed application against the requirement specifications, it also comes in handy during the training of a new team member and for the maintenance and support tasks. Maintaining technical documentation assures the stakeholders about the long-term stability of your solution and also helps in identifying the change impact when new features have to be introduced. Writing technical documents is different, and requires both technical knowledge as well as a deep insight about the target audience.

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Outsourcing Technical Documentation