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Web Applications

Get a centralized control of your business through web applications.

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mobile app development company
Mobile Apps

Deliver your services to a wider customer range through mobile apps.

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desktop application development company
Desktop Applications

Leverage the power of desktop applications for offline operations.

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Shopping Carts

Bring your shop online with shopping carts to deliver more sales.

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Web Application Development

Get a Web Application Developed for Your Specific Business Needs.

Whether they are used for brand promotion, global presence, lead generation, e-commerce, support operations, reporting, generating business insights and analytics or automating business operations for centralized control, web applications have helped numerous enterprises succeed and have resulted in high Return-on-Investment (ROI) in a short timespan.

While it appears to be an easy job to make web applications work for a business, it requires an adequate level of experience and expertise to make sure a web application is tailored to meet the primary business objectives and has been developed with the end users in mind. This is where a strong technology partner like Yukti Solutions can make a difference.

At Yukti Solutions, we offer web-based solutions by keeping end user in mind, your particular business domain, and the objectives that your business wants to achieve. Our consultants will give you useful insights based on your existing process to improve your overall business model.

How a Web Application can help your business?

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  • Web Application Development & Maintenance
  • Legacy Application Migration to New Technologies
  • Cloud Based Applications
  • E-Commerce Solutions

Mobile App Development

Reach wider customer range for your products and services and increase customer loyality through mobile apps.

The increase in the number of smart-phone users has made it imperative for businesses to become available on these hand-held devices and offer useful information and solutions to increase customer loyalty, thereby maximizing profits.

We understand that mobile apps work differently and require an easy to navigate, yet rich workflow to become effective. It takes expertise to design a user workflow that suits the small screen limit of a mobile device, while following the guidelines from different mobile app stores (e.g. Apple Store, Google Play etc.).

Our consultants analyse and recommend the business processes that can be moved effectively to smartphones for maximum impact.

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Mobile App Development
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  • Android App Development
  • iPhone App Development
  • Xamarin – Cross Platform Apps
  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

Desktop Application Development

You need a desktop application for offline operations and hardware specific capabilities for your applications.

While web applications work under the controlled environment of the browser, desktop application can make use of complete hardware accessibility (e.g. Printer, Barcode, Scanners, Camera, etc.); this is the main reason why most of Point-of-Sale (POS) systems still employ desktop applications. Moreover, a desktop application has the advantage of running stand-alone without any additional server environment for processing.

Let our technical consultants determine whether the solution you are looking for is a good candidate for a desktop application.

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Desktop Application Development
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  • Stand-alone Desktop Applications
  • Client / Server Solutions
  • Windows Services
  • MS Office Add-Ins
  • POS Solutions