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Product Development & Maintenance

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When you partner with our technological expertise, the right resources are readily available to you. This lets us start and finish any development project faster than usual.

Increased efficiency

Certain businesses may excel in specific areas, and yet find difficulties in others. Hiring us as your technology partner in product development, eventually, increases efficiency.

Better risk management

While offshoring your product development, you also avoid the project risks due to any unexpected situation in your in-house development. We make sure all of it is taken care of.

Improved Business Activities

While you focus on core business tasks such as marketing and planning, we as an offshore product development company will work on your product’s development and design.

Support & Maintenance

Let's have a partnership with the advanced technologies-maintaining seamless operations and an overall efficiency of the project progress with real-time updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Offshore product development entails hiring a third-party company based in a different geo-location to handle your business processes. Offshoring development processes provides you with a foundation to grow your firm globally. When any company sees the possibility for its project to scale up in a specific region or country, it usually goes for offshore development. It indeed benefits you in terms of time and expense, and with various added advantages. Furthermore, as the offshore development company handles all its employee payments, the labour cost gets minimal.

While you plan to pick an offshore development partner for your business project, consider following steps in mind.

  • Pick the experienced offshore development partner
  • Establish the project’s scope and timeline
  • Layout plan for implementation
  • Acknowledge on the deliverables and control
  • Establish well-thought execution strategy
  • Establish communication channels
  • Review the project’s progress ahead of the schedule

Safeguarding a company’s intellectual property must always be of high priority. We establish a strong security architecture that allows you to introduce an adequate NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) as per your satisfaction. This prevents any chance of data loss or leak. Furthermore, we assure you with the superior technical safeguards installed with the offshore team.


Due to geographical limitations, communication might seem to be a hurdle with offshore development. As long as you pick an offshore development partner from India, you need not worry on the communication part as the majority of Indian professionals can speak English.

Open door policy

Let your offshore team communicate with you by scheduling regular online meetings. Creating a free environment for discussions lets you understand the most of anything. Also, letting your offshore team to ask questions could solve any issue much faster.

Local Leaders

Although with offshore product development you have the option to custom build your desired team, hiring local leaders for your project could turn out to be a great asset. Assign team leaders to various positions, this will bring a sense of duty among all the team members. Also hire a local project manager for your team, these managers can make the most strategic decisions in the benefit of your project.

The source code, as a thumb rule, belongs to you. We believe that it’s solely your intellectual property. On the other hand, you have all the freedom to seek modifications in this rule, by signing an agreement with us. Once the project is successfully executed, all of its source code shall be transferred to you, and we’ve been following this ethical practice since our company’s foundation.

An annual meet (in-person) with your offshore development team sounds like a great opportunity to better understand the project processes. Visiting your off-site staff allows you to gain a better understanding of the local environment and how it affects your team and their work. It forms a strong bond with the augmented staff, eventually boosting the overall productivity.

Meanwhile, during the year, regular online meetings to get the updates on the development processes, keeps you informed about the progress in your project. It brings insights into your offshore team’s work pattern and helps you in the analysis of its performance. As a result, you can make accurate decisions about upgrades and future investments.