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Yukti Solutions' directors share the company's vision and make every effort to steer the organization in the right direction.
Rakesh Verma

Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Rakesh Verma spearheads Yukti Solutions' corporate development, leadership strategy, and standards of quality management. His roles include conceptualizing a strategic project approach, developing corporate policies, handling operations, and client relations. His extensive corporate management expertise has expanded through the years and now includes a broader spectrum of marketing, technology, and global business executions. His skills and understanding are based on his experience in designing and outsourcing complex IT programs. He has successfully conceptualized, designed, and implemented a number of dynamic web application strategies, including the DDT program.

He has a strong technological history and considerable expertise in the area of Information Technology. Prior to founding Yukti Solutions, he has worked with India's leading IT companies and held numerous management positions in the tech industry. He's been in charge of international software projects for a long time. Rakesh Verma transforms daily problems into fruitful results by planning and prioritizing both clients and the internal programs.

Mr. Rakesh is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) with over 20 years of extensive development, team handling, and project management experience. He is passionate about learning and implementing new technologies in addition to his regular work discipline. When not working he enjoys watching movies and playing chess. He is always passionate about learning what new technology can offer.

Tarun Verma

 Co-Founder & Technical Director 

Mr. Tarun Verma leads Yukti Solutions' IT development and process initiatives, which is critical to the company's and clients' operational success. He is instrumental in forging crucial global relationships and assembling capable teams well-versed in the latest technology platforms and advanced strategies, giving Yukti solutions a competitive edge.

He's also in charge of guiding Yukti Solutions' corporate plans and expanding the company's technological capability. He has been leading and managing several projects as a technology enthusiast since 2009, all while staying within the budget and satisfying project deadlines. He also supervises the entire growth lifecycle of all of our Web, Mobile, and Software applications. As a Technical Director, he mentors the study and deployment of innovative IT Cloud Solutions. He is in charge of the company's assimilation and introduction of new technologies.

Before joining Yukti Solutions, Mr. Tarun Verma has held numerous management positions with major IT firms in India. He holds GNIIT certification in programming languages, application development, quality control, and innovation strategies, among several other subjects.