Individual Developers With Specific Skills And Expertise

Individual Developers


This approach allows you to efficiently utilize the talent resources at any given point. Every software product requires a mix of different experts. Hire developers as per your need.

Proactive Support

Guided by our experienced project managers and software quality specialists, these individual developers make sure to get the required solution, keeping your system up and running.

Development as per your guidelines

Streamline your project with developers who provide frequent updates on the software development processes and work specifically as per your process guidelines.

Economically Viable

With no training costs and no worries about additional compliance issues, you can easily avoid the extra expenses and pay only for hiring the individual developer.

Specific Skill

Certain tasks demand the need of specialized expertise, with individual developers you can gain access to their broader skills, experience, and ability to provide software solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An individual developer under the dedicated development team model comes as a team customization option. In simple terms, you are not compelled to hire the complete dedicated team of developers, QAs, Designers, TLs, Project managers and more. This development model is for businesses who seek additional support in their ongoing development project. It works like an extra hand of assistance and comes with:

  • No Hiring & Training costs
  • No office infrastructure required
  • No worries on compliance or long term employment contracts
  • Option to pay only for the desired amount of work.

These skilled developers work from an offshore/remote location and within work premises of the service provider (offshore development company). They can be hired as per their skills and can be communicated through regular online meetings.

With freelance developers, you not just invest your time and money, but you also invest for risk and inadequate results.

When it comes to individual developers, these are the qualified professionals working for a reputed offshoring development company that owns years of experience into the same domain.

Hiring an individual developer diminishes the presence of any risk related to data security, on-time delivery, and product quality. Here, all the responsibility is taken by the service provider, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

You may simply seek assistance from the service provider by explaining your desired project requirements. You may map your project requirements with the help of following requirements:

  • Programming language involved.
  • Level of experience required.
  • Hiring budget.
  • Project duration.

Along with an individual developer, a good service provider who keeps client satisfaction at utmost priority will provide the QA support as an added feature. Why should they? Because developing quality products comes as every offshore development company’s core responsibility. The entire business model of offshore development relies on trust and quality. Apart from QA support, you can expect frequent guidance from the experienced project managers in the offshore development company. Undoubtedly, such support from the service provider will always lead to quality products and satisfied customers.