Excel-model to Web Applications, Convert Excel Into An Effective Web App

Excel-model to Web Applications

Unlimited Users

Avoid the excel hassles as we bring web-app features that allow an unlimited number of users to manage data and work at the same time.


Expand your database to meet your requirements. Our excel-to-web service brings applications that automatically scales to meet the needs of increased demand.

Extreme Performance

Your data is extremely important and that’s why even if your Excel database contains millions of records, you'll still get the ideal response times using our web apps.

No Code

We bring web applications that allow you to add automations and workflows without the use of Excel expressions or macros. Simply point, click and done.

Enhanced Security

Work with web apps that come with an unmatched safety. We use enterprise-grade compliance to follow regulations and secure your company's data and users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Excel lacks the essential qualities of a genuine database. When managing structured data, the popular Microsoft product does not impose sufficient data integrity to preserve accuracy, consistency, and dependability. Excel has limited capabilities for establishing data types, validation of data, and simultaneous multi-user accessibility, among other essential elements that businesses require in today's digital world.

Using the programme developed by us, you can use your existing Excel sheets and convert them into a web application. Start importing your Excel files into the excel-model to web app programme and utilise our user-friendly visual interface to build robust and database-driven web apps. Create dashboards, expenditure reporting tools, calculators, invoice management apps, and do more without any coding required.

Spreadsheets, for all their use, can easily devolve into "Excel Hell" if one or two simple failures occur. For example, during the so-called "London Whale" episode, JP Morgan lost roughly $6.5 billion due to many erroneous calculations and copied-pasted cells.

Following are a few reasons why you should convert an Excel model to a web application:

  • It's difficult to keep track of spreadsheet versions.
  • Excel is tough to scale and does not work like a database.
  • Apps provide more security.

A web application can be helpful in following ways:

  • Everyone can participate as there are no programming skills required.
  • Low-cost innovation.
  • Apps are developed by people who are familiar with the business.
  • Excellent service enhancements that are simple to implement.
  • Reduce your operational costs.

Web app development platforms can be used for a variety of purposes, including

  • Business Apps: Checklists, calculators, instruction manuals, an address book, and a simple CRM.
  • SEmbedded Web calculators: Finance, mortgages, healthcare, interest, personal finances, and more.
  • Medical Practice Apps: For the patient experience, operations and administration, and more.
  • Economics Apps: Forecasting profit and loss, and more.
  • Marketing and sales dashboards, such as ROI for B2B sales or advertising campaigns.
  • Dashboards for supply chain management and stock inventory lists.