Development Technology Migration Solutions With Technology Migration

Development Technology Migration

Enhanced Business Process

Our technology migration services assist you in streamlining and improving a wide range of business processes, allowing you to choose from a variety of cloud services.

Modern Technology

Automatic technology updates are frequently included as part of our cloud migration services, ensuring that you always stay ahead with the cutting edge technology.

Efficient Data Storage

For your technology migration, we are able to implement cost-cutting strategies using cloud data services, or by switching to a required database system.

Secured Data

You can be rest assured with a service that provides complete security measures and enables automated data backup across multiple servers.

Zero Downtime

Lets migrate your data into upgraded systems without hindering your general business process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to uncover and implement new technologies and to improve your organization's business operations, you are expected to participate in continual review and research. Migrating to a new platform entails transferring and implementing your knowledge and skills to new or upgraded technologies, as well as offering technical advice or education on new technology introduced into your company.

Newer technologies holds following set of advantages:

  • communication that is easier, quicker, and more productive
  • more effective inventory management and ordering systems
  • new sales channels
  • more successful advertising
  • ability to develop new and innovative ideas

Technology migration is necessary for your business with following points:

  • When your present technology, on which you have spent so much time, is no longer able to match the demands of your organisation.
  • When technology becomes obsolete and vendor support for the obsolete version is no longer available.
  • When you want to be at the top of the competition and your customers are extremely important to you.
  • When you no longer want the present stack's high licencing costs and wish to switch to an open source platform.

To establish a project's scope, the client must share a specific project requirement in order to accomplish the migration effectively. The developers and the client must agree on the implementation plan, and there must be a thorough discussion of all aspects of migration in order to avoid any unforeseen situations.

If any of the developers on the migration project is unfamiliar with the old system, the client should invest time with the new team to ensure that they comprehend the system’s functionality. The new team must devote sufficient time to analysing the current (old) system and in developing a migration plan.

A professional service provider helps in guiding the organisation through the migration process at a pace that best suits them. The following are the most widely used stages under the process of technology migration:

Stage 1:

Planning and Preparation

Stage 2:

Portfolio Planning

Stage 3:

Application Design

Stage 4:

Migration and Validation

Stage 5:

Modern Operating Model