Desktop Based Solutions Get The Best Out Of System Hardware

Desktop Based Solutions

Consistent Interface

Avail our desktop based solutions that are more responsive than their web based counterparts as these applications do not require an all-time internet connection.

Better Hardware Configuration

The key differentiator of a desktop based solution is its compatibility with work stations. Our solutions are designed to provide you with the best hardware-software performance.

Easier Access

Our desktop based solutions, once installed, are readily available on your desktop system. We make them easier to access than the non-native applications.

Greater Functionality

Since our desktop based solutions will be locally installed on your system, you can easily add or remove any feature based on your business requirements.

Custom Reporting

With our desktop based apps, you get quick access to your data and can form a custom reporting system. These can also be shared with us as a performance feedback.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Desktop-based solutions are installed independently on a computer device for providing a user with a specific software service. For example, when you buy a computer, it comes with a set of applications pre-installed. Different desktop-based solutions can be downloaded from the internet or purchased from software suppliers. These solutions are designed to cater specific roles and responsibilities and own maximum performance capabilities when compared to web-based counterparts.

A desktop-based solution must be installed on a system or device before it can be put into practice. One must either buy it in a physical form of CD (obsolete) or download over the internet. In other words, a desktop-based solution is a computer application that runs locally on a device. That’s why, while using such a software solution, you don’t necessarily require an internet connection.

Web-based software solutions, on the other hand, allows you to have access through internet-browsers, whenever and from wherever you want. This type of software necessitates the use of the internet at all times. You can also save your application data over the internet database located on multiple servers. All of the documents, files and forms that your develop with web-based solutions are saved in the cloud.

Businesses or individuals who require a resource-heavy solution are the ones who require a desktop-based solution over a web-based alternative. Since, web-based solutions are generally developed by keeping “accessibility and agility” in mind, thus, have a light software architecture. On the other hand, a desktop-based solution can be developed with little or no limitations. These solutions, depending on the client’s requirements, can be developed to take the best system hardware advantages. So naturally, desktop-based solutions are always faster and performance-oriented.

Desktop-based solutions come with following set of characteristics:

  • Desktop-based solutions are generally developed to run on a specific operating system (OS), such as Mac, Linux or Windows.
  • End-users need to regularly check for availability of updates, these are provided by the software supplier through the internet.
  • The installation process is manual, and carried out by the end-user
  • Since these desktop-based solutions are designed to work in closed environments, they have fewer security vulnerabilities.
  • The ability to perform all of its designated functions without an Internet connection, comes as another characteristic of desktop-based solutions.

A software license is a legally binding agreement that allows a user to use or redistribute a specific type of software available for commercial or personal use. When it comes to licensing a desktop-based solution, similar to a computer's operating system, for every new device, a user should acquire a new license. The licensing or activation could be done through a specific code or through the service provider’s online software activation portal.