Dedicated Development Teams

Dedicated Development Teams For Complete Focus on Your Solution

Experience the Power of Team Work

Faster Development

Let’s bring a faster development process with the help of an experienced, skilled and competent group of developers, QA experts, Designers, Project managers and the rest of the team.

Effective Collaboration

The effective collaboration of our professionals will raise the project’s quality standards and will incorporate new insights, benefitting the solution in the long run.

Focused Approach

The team will always follow the management procedures and processes as outlined by the client. With a focused approach to the solution, they work as your organization's integral part.

Adaptive Culture

We work regardless of the time zone difference, cultural or geographical obstacles. We make a substantial contribution to the success of your business.

Complete Control

You gain complete control and access to the project workflow. Make changes and modifications to the process at any time without affecting much to the timeline

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A Complete Dedicated Development Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the complete dedicated team model, you get to employ software developers, QA specialists, Designers, Project managers, and others with specific expertise that meet your project’s requirements. It is a process of promptly acquiring software professionals with the necessary abilities, knowledge, and high levels of loyalty for software projects. You maintain direct interaction with developers and get the charge of managing a remotely situated team with frequent assistance from the offshore development partner. The model of a complete dedicated team ensures that the team of developers is well-suited to collaborate on the issue at hand, and that all hired experts are culturally compatible with your organization.

The working of a complete team model can be explained in the following four steps:

Step 1: Requirement analysis

At this stage, we normally receive role descriptions from the client. This helps us in gaining a better grasp of the skills you require and goals you want to achieve with the support of our complete team services.

Step 2: Candidate shortlisting

We now prescreen individuals based on their experience and your requirements, ensuring that they have the right skills to meet any prerequisites of the project. These include communication skills, cultural fit, and awareness of your organisational standards.

Step 3: Client handover

We handover the qualified and experienced professionals after shortlisting them as per your project’s requirements.

Step 4: Hiring decision

Lastly, when you approve our team of experts, we handle the administrative details and closely monitor their work performance.

When companies wish to expand their in-house development teams, they frequently run into challenges. To begin with, the recruitment process is both time consuming and costly. It takes a long time to find, attract, recruit, and onboard new employees. Businesses that want to launch their product in the market as early as possible and without having to spend way too much time and money, find team extension as a brilliant choice. Furthermore, the complete team provides you access to a worldwide talent pool of specialists fully qualified to work on your development project.

Companies who face difficulty while finding and recruiting the proper technological experts within their given timeframes and budgets are more likely to opt for complete team services. They require more abilities in order to expedite the development of their projects or to compensate for the absence of a certain group of professionals. Undeniably, recruiting new talent, in any case, takes far too long.

As a group we can work with both startups and established businesses, however, our complete team services are most useful to the fast-growing businesses who seek frequent scale-ups. These companies seek to expand their operations and want to offer their products or features faster.

Simply contact us, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our complete team services are often governed by our experienced project managers and senior management, we make sure that the right group of talents fits perfectly with your work environment. We have a huge pool of experienced developers, quality analysts, team leaders and critical project managers. We keep a conscious effort to provide a team that is fluent in English and is familiar with the business norms and expectations that come with international projects. When you hire our team, you’ll obtain seasoned and competent professionals who will add value to your project right away.