How Outsourcing Software Development to India is a Great Idea

Outsourcing application development has always been a difficult undertaking. The challenge is indeed difficult for firms that want to build their ideas using cutting-edge technologies. To begin with, the technological hurdles and infrastructure needed to provide service have always been difficult to come by. As a result, when trying to create in-house solutions, an employer who is willing to address a business problem must constantly look for alternatives. When solutions are developed in-house, there are several challenges. One of them is costs. Furthermore, there is a scarcity of suitable skills to assist in the project development, this eventually impacts the business’ overall growth.

What makes India as the favorite offshore software development destination?

A growing number of businesses and startups are considering India as a top software outsourcing location. Lower prices, greater software quality, no communication hurdles, and a large talent pool are advantages of outsourcing application development to India. According to Statista, worldwide software spending in 2019 exceeded USD 738 billion. Outsourcing is becoming more popular daily as companies realize its benefits, and India has become the global software solution provider.

So why do companies outsource? Application Development Outsourcing benefits in cutting expenses and investments into capital expenditures. It also eliminates the need to hire an in-house team. It refers to the company's capacity to concentrate on its core strengths.

Key benefits of offshoring to India for western countries

According to the latest NASSCOM study, India's technology industry is expected to rise by 2.3 percent in FY2021, reaching a total value of USD 194 billion. India is the preferred outsourcing location for a large number of American and European businesses. India has consistently outperformed major countries in the outsourcing business time after time.

Pioneers in the software development industry

India has long been a world leader in application development outsourcing. As a result, it is reasonable to conclude that several different experts are involved in the creation of IT software projects. According to statistics, India ranks second in terms of IT infrastructure and the creation of IT software development projects. If you don't make use of this potential, your initiatives may suffer from shaky development and unnecessarily imposed roadblocks. Nobody wants that; instead, everyone prefers their IT projects to be finished on schedule and to benefit the business or organization. As a worldwide leader in the IT software development process, it should be advantageous for growing businesses to use this potential and outsource their IT application development projects to India to obtain the assured outcomes that they desire.

No Communication Gap

The world is now a global village where people exchange their views and opinions regularly. There are no other media that can effectively communicate in our linked world except English. With almost 125 million English speakers, India is the world's second-largest English-speaking country, after only the United States. In addition, as per the EF English Proficiency Index, Ranked third in Asia in terms of English competency.

When it comes to outsourcing application development, communication remains the top priority as well as the most challenging thing. Outsourcing to India implies working in an IT field where nearly everyone speaks English fluently. On its own, application development in India eliminates the language barriers to effective communication. This linguistic ability has aided in the transformation of India's image as a software development destination.

Lower Costs

This comes as a fact that when compared to the rest of the world, India has lower application development expenses. Until a few years ago, this was the only justification for outsourcing software projects to India. But now the price-to-quality ratio has become equally important.

The reduced development expenses are due to the fact that Indian salaries are far lower than those in the United States or Europe. This can be ascribed in part to multidisciplinary development teams. Multidisciplinary development refers to a system in which developers are organized into layers based on their abilities and expertise. This cost reduction also aids businesses outsourcing application development to India in gaining a competitive edge through increased efficiency.

Advantage of Time Zones

The Indian subcontinent with its strategic geo-location comes as a benefit for the western countries. The time difference enables Indian application development businesses to operate around the clock, increasing efficiency. In addition, working hours that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week means faster turnaround. Businesses throughout the world are understanding the need for speed, which implies a shorter time to market. As a result, a quicker time to market might be leveraged to stay ahead of the competition.


Companies may be drawn in by the low cost of development, but it is the quality of the finished product that keeps them. This is what keeps India inthe global outsourcing business. According to recent statistics, India has surpassed China as one of the most attractive investment locations in the IT sector, with a 55 percent share of outsourcing. 

Despite fierce competition both domestically and internationally, India's top software development companies continuously deliver high-quality technology solutions. All of this is made possible by India's vast talent pool, which has an insatiable desire to learn and experiment with new technology.

India also boasts the greatest number of ISO-certified companies, ensuring that quality is never compromised. As a result, you may blindly outsource your application development to India if you want the greatest pricing as well as the finest quality.

Indian tech cities home to Major Software Development Companies

Delhi (NCR): Hub to one of the most affordable software development companies in India.

Bangalore (Bengaluru): Silicon valley of India with international software companies and hub to major IT startups.

Hyderabad: With over 1500 software companies, Hyderabad is the next emerging silicon city in India.

How to Get The Perfect Offshore Software Technology Partner in India?

Indeed, India has reached the pinnacle among software outsourcing centers in the world. With its massively talented and specialized pool of workers, price-quality ratio, and strict corporate regulations, choosing your software development partner from India comes as an Impeccable Idea.

Apart from that, their ability to handle projects from start to finish and speak excellent English distinguishes them. Another benefit is that India offers a plethora of software development firms in every location. As a result, while selecting an outsourcing partner in India, you will have a wide range of choices to pick from. 

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