10 Surprising Benefits of Outsourced Product Development

Are you missing out on growth opportunities for your product? Learn more about the 10 surprising benefits of outsourced product development in our latest blog.

Software or Product Development Outsourcing has flourished on the notion that it results in a considerable reduction in operational costs, especially in comparison to the similar work done in-house. The utilization of outsourcing can be traced back to the 20th century, but today its demand has been lifted exponentially throughout the globe. Although some factors, such as language hurdles and cultural differences, may appear to be obstacles, this is no longer the case. With the enormous push in globalization, the entire world has become one culture, and English being the majorly spoken language has already solved the communication hurdles among global businesses.

As per the Statista report, the European IT Outsourcing industry is predicted to reach USD 145.50 billion by the end of 2023, indicating a sustainable development trend. The report includes IT Administration, IT Infrastructure, and IT Software Application Outsourcing.

Due to the low cost involved, as a key benefit, businesses outsource offshore to stay competitive and solidify their market position. In addition, a successful transition to outsourcing product development may help companies discover the true value of partnering with offshore software development teams, such as access to a large talent pool of experienced developers and the establishment of a long-term relationship.

In this article, we attempt to discuss the numerous benefits of product development outsourcing from the perspective of businesses looking to switch to an outsourcing business model.

As it is a prevalent misperception that only lower costs motivate firms towards outsourcing. Here are the top ten merits of outsourcing product development to an offshore software establishment that will show you a hidden plethora of its benefits:

What should every startup know about outsourcing product development? It Lets You Concentrate on Your Idea.

Having an original idea is always beneficial to a company, yet, losing concentration on your idea may be detrimental. Most businesses and young entrepreneurs make this mistake by investing their limited time and money in software development and related activities. By outsourcing product development firms may emphasize more on the essential market opportunities and activities. These can be brand marketing and research & innovation to deliver valued services to its clients.

When it comes to the technological side of product development, it's best to leave it to the outsourcing partner, who can advise and guide the company executives through advanced technology trends like Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Cybersecurity in order to deploy the finest solutions.

#1. A Fit for Every Business

It's a common misconception that software development outsourcing is only useful for big corporations. The size of a company does not influence outsourcing. The product development projects are outsourced by businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 organizations. Small and medium enterprises outsource to save money on human capital, IT infrastructure and avoid the complications of training new staff while large corporations gain financially from hiring overseas development teams by minimizing the locational risk.

#2. Quick Delivery

An entire product development cycle might take a longer period. The length of time it takes to create an application is directly proportional to the project's size and the specific business use scenario. Though a native or cross-platform hybrid application may be created in a matter of months, a complicated platform that incorporates Data / machine learning could take years to develop. Outsourcing an enterprise software project to a specialist IT Partner can significantly reduce the time-to-market which otherwise takes a considerable amount of time. Expanding an in-house staff necessitates going through the time-consuming processes of recruitment and training. Due to the ever-present risk of idea theft, getting to market first is critical for every startup's survival.

#3. Significant Cost Savings

Contrary to common assumption, hiring a skilled IT outsourcing service does not raise business expenses. You are relieved of some unneeded strain when you engage professionals to do the work. In addition, the specialty you've acquired eliminates the unproductive spending in your business.

This aids in the creation of an ideal plan of action in which you exclusively engage in productive activities. Your company can simply save thousands of dollars by doing so. Hiring a product development team is extremely productive, whether it's for decreased depreciation, staff training, or regular employee benefits.

#4. A Long Term Strategy

The traditional methods of software development are destined to change, and outsourcing IT processes is an excellent place to start. 5G, IoT, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning are among the technologies and trends that will shape the future.

When new technologies reach the market, you'll almost certainly want assistance to deal with them. There will be a multitude of things your company lacks, therefore hiring specialists to tackle the unknown is a feasible option.

#5. Maintain Competitive Advantage

Product development operations are increasingly being outsourced by global businesses. Companies that want to compete in the technology industry may have to outsource some of their work. Outsourcing your added workload will allow you to market your products and services at a much faster rate, providing you the competitive advantage.

#6. Quality and Agility

The agile approach, according to observational information, goes a long way toward achieving high product quality. An agile software development environment fosters cooperation between companies and cross-functional IT development teams, resulting in unparalleled speed, accuracy, and productivity. To guarantee that the final product satisfies the client's business objectives, the agile team aims at discovering and fixing issues.

#7. Support Services

As previously stated, outsourcing has become the standard for most organizations. Many companies are outsourcing IT support and services, allowing them to concentrate on their core competencies. When you outsource software development, you get immediate access to support and maintenance for your product. You'll also get access to timely revisions, sophisticated cybersecurity measures, and migration assistance.

Ultimately, outsourcing allows you to have access to reliable and competent support and maintenance services at a lower cost than retaining a local IT staff.

#8. The Indian Proficiency

India is currently regarded as one of the leading software development countries in the world. There are a number of factors that contribute to India's position as one of the biggest software development markets. When it comes to IT solutions, many multinational organizations, naturally, look to Indian companies.

There are more qualified software developers in India than in any nation. The country provides skilled developers at a reasonable cost while also bringing innovation to the board. Furthermore, India has a sizable English-speaking population, which makes communication easy for clients.

#9. Reliability

More competent businesses are beginning to enter the market as the need for outsourcing IT Solutions grows significantly. You no longer have to make any compromises when it comes to outsourcing tasks. Whether it's a project's budget, specialization, unique demands, or anything else, you'll receive exactly what you want. You may easily select the best company for your requirements, or you can simply avoid the search hassle by directly getting in touch with Yukti Solutions as outsourcing IT solutions can’t get better than this.

#10. Innovation

Product development outsourcing empowers companies to harness external expertise, accelerating innovation and minimizing time-to-market. This strategic approach streamlines costs while ensuring high-quality results, allowing businesses to focus on core competencies and achieve competitive advantages in the dynamic market landscape.


The industry's rising acceptance of the benefits of outsourcing only implies that the market will continue to flourish. This also implies that companies will have a plethora of outsourcing partners to select from. Hopefully, this article has given you a good grasp of some of the advantages of outsourcing, allowing you to take that crucial step towards taking your company in the right direction.

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